How to install drawer rails

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How to install drawer rails:
1. When installing the drawer slide rail, the inner rail needs to be removed from the main body of the drawer slide rail. There will be a spring buckle on the back of the drawer slide rail, and the inner rail can be removed by gently pressing it.
2. Install the outer rail and middle rail of the guide rail on both sides of the drawer box, then install the inner rail on the side plate of the drawer, and fix the inner rail on the measured position using screws.

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Common problems and solutions of drawer guide rail installation:
1. The drawer can not be pulled or is very tight and slippery, which indicates that the gap of the installation size is not left enough, so that the gap of the furniture factory is more than 1 to 2mm loose can be solved. Check whether the matching screw size is consistent.
2, the derailment of the rail, which indicates that the installation size gap is too large, requiring the furniture factory to reduce the installation size.
3. If the drawer is uneven, first check whether the position of the installation hole on both sides is consistent, and then check whether the Angle of the drawing surface is 90 degrees.

Installation method
1. The installation of drawer slide rail is very simple, but some details need to be paid attention to, otherwise the installed drawer behind can not be used normally. We usually say three slides, drawer slides are the same kind of thing, drawer slides can be divided into three parts: outer rail, middle rail, inner rail.

2, drawer slide rail installation need to remove the inner rail from the main body of the drawer slide rail, disassembly method is also very simple, drawer slide rail will have a spring buckle on the back, as long as gently click the inner rail can be removed.

3, (note that the middle rail and outer rail are not removable, can not be forcibly removed).

4. Install the outer rail and the middle rail in the split slide first on both sides of the drawer box, and then install the inner rail on the side plate of the drawer. If it is finished furniture in the drawer box and drawer side plate pre-drilled holes for easy installation, you need to drill holes yourself.

5. It is recommended that the drawer be assembled into a whole when installing the slideway. There are two kinds of holes on the track for adjusting the upper and lower distance of the drawer and the front and rear distance, and at the same time to ensure that the left and right slideway are in the same horizontal position, and can not be too different.

6, and then the installation of the inner and outer rail, in the measured position with screws to fix the inner rail in the drawer cabinet body length.

7. Tighten the holes corresponding to the two screws respectively.

8. Follow the same method on the other side, but pay attention to keep the inner rails on both sides horizontal and parallel.

9, note that if the front step of the rail and the outer rail did not maintain the level, this time back to the case of clamping push into the situation, this time either check the position of the outer rail, or adjust the inner rail in line with the position of the outer rail.

10, after the installation of the drawer to try, there are problems need to be adjusted again, the drawer smooth can be manual.

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